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YOU ARE A FURRY has been hailed by TIMES magazine as a “groundbreaking exposé of the degenerate psyche,” probably. Enjoy pulse-pounding gameplay with blistering pace as you admire your anime catgirl doll collection! Have a mental breakdown in the shower! Shuffle slowly across your shitty apartment, slowly determining that you grew up to be a disappointment! You can do anything in YOU ARE A FURRY - except escape. (seriously you can only alt-f4)

This game was made in 72 hours as part of the 2020 Mooncord Game Jam, hosted by twitch streamer MOONMOON. It received the coveted VIEWERS CHOICE award, proving beyond question that MOONMOON’s twitch chat is composed entirely of sad, strange little men.


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The bedroom had me laughing man, with the bed and the body pillow but it really hits deeper after that nice hot shower, funny yet meaningful

i genuinely loved this one. even though it had a comical background it really was a food for thoughts, as in carrying actual good questions to think about. 10/10


The things this guy going through maybe normal. But when you going through the story, it gets really creepy. And I keep feeling sorry for the man!

Hey, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?

This was HILARIOUS the ending got me by surprise, and the shower scene was creepy. 2nd game (4:09)

omg i love  super              mega

i love ryan man and matthew johnson


I hope this guy realizes that most furries look like normal people.

this is how i look like in real life


Gave it a go, hope it gives a good laugh


...Look. You do realize that not every single member of the furry community acts like this ridiculous caricature, right? Am I supposed to take this shit seriously or something?


nope! this game is an elaborate joke at the expense of the game jam organizer and roughly 18,000 twitch viewers.


Fair enough.

The most depressing, heart-breaking shit I've ever experienced...


An interesting view on this type of lifestyle!

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When you have a trash pc, and you cant download it :,<

Really interesting game. Games whihc show the darker side of things have always piqued my interest, and this doesn't disappoint. You've done well to integrate dark thoughts, actions and emotions into a large fandom. Loved how the text changes when you go through everything agian, though not sure if it does more than twice, but liked the effort into detail. The graphics surprisingly went well with the tone and atmosphere of the game and kept it fresh.

Overall, it was a great game and congrats on making it yourself! Was really fun, and good luck on future projects!

It was really good, very entertaining. its just pretty short, but i understand because it was made in 72 hours.

pretty interesting game and how it has "probably" been hailed by TIME magazine. Not much more to add, lol, just something everyone should experience themselves.

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This game should be expanded upon because its actually weirdly good!



Entertaining for the 10 minutes or so of gameplay. Such a shame it's so short, but I understand as it was made in 72 hours. Perfect for when you just wanna putz around.


Funny as hell, thanks for making this


If you're going to make a game shitting on furries at least know what you're talking about. These stereotypes haven't been a common thing since the fucking 90s. This shit is weak AF


someones butthurt over a game, how sad :(

learn how to take a joke jackass

Deleted 1 year ago

bro, you're thinking wayyy too into this. it's just a game, chillax.


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my video here (the game is the 4th there):


1. I love how good the writing was. It was certainly interesting to read. Great narrative!

2. It was interesting how the game was getting more and more gloomy. It was not just interesting, the experience evoked emotions.


1. I didn't like that sometimes text was showing for a way longer time than needed and other times you weren't able to read all of it. It would be nice to let the player decide when they want to progress the story.

2. The only thing connected to furries was the tale. It was more a description of how people imagined gamers in 1999. Very outdated and concerning a different topic.


It was pretty fun. I anticipated to see something different. Maybe a bit more humor and actually Furry? And a bit more horror aspects because the game tagged as horror but there is no horror elements at all. I would rate the game 4/5. Still, I can't wait for more narrative games from you! You definitely have a way with words.

Hope my feedback was useful!


Great narrative game! I like how you describe a furrys life. 11/10

may i ask how


I hate Furry so much, this is great


short story


Amazing game dev it's good for the first game :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


Here ya go. Like and subscribe if ya want. I need all the subscribes I can get! Funny game.. though a bit depressing. LOL. 


BERRY excellent